Mondays, Asthma, Xolair, Cracked Ribs, Nose Bleeds, Sleepless Nights and Work

At the moment nearly every morning is proving to be a struggle but at least this morning I was going to be able to have a couple of extra hours in bed due to having an hospital appointment at 9am for my Xolair injections. This meant that instead of having to set my alarm for … Continue reading Mondays, Asthma, Xolair, Cracked Ribs, Nose Bleeds, Sleepless Nights and Work

More Asthma Problems

As I had expected, my asthma prevented me from doing anything this weekend. After arriving home from work on Friday evening until setting off for work this morning (Monday) I didn't leave the house once. My breathing was bad all weekend and I didn't get much sleep either. The nebuliser continued to get some hammer … Continue reading More Asthma Problems

Asthma and Work

As a severe asthmatic I consider myself quite fortunate in the fact that I still manage to work full time. Many severe asthmatics have had pack work in due to their condition while others have lost their job as a result of poor attendance due to their asthma. I myself have had issues over the … Continue reading Asthma and Work

Crossroads with Xolair & Asthma Treatment 

I feel that I maybe reaching a crossroads as to where my asthma medication goes next. I started having monthly Xolair injections a year ago and we were hopeful that they would help. It took 2 years to get me onto the Xolair as I was borderline when it came to matching the criteria. Xolair … Continue reading Crossroads with Xolair & Asthma Treatment 

A Better Day

I am currently going through a bumpy patch with my asthma, fortunately I am not having any major attacks and the couple of chest infections that I have had since my last hospital admission in January have been fairly mild. So my asthma is not particularly severe at the moment it is pretty badly controlled, … Continue reading A Better Day

Getting Back to Work with Jeremy Kyle!

Many of us have been there, we have had a bad asthma attack and we end up getting captured, we have spent weeks held captive, we haven't slept, the food is terrible and we are high on drugs, we all have one target, that end goal which keeps us all going, the escape, the freedom, … Continue reading Getting Back to Work with Jeremy Kyle!

My Future

As a male severe asthmatic in my mid 40s who spends too much time laying in a hospital bed I often spend time contemplating the future, Despite my health problems and my absence record I still manage to hold down a full time job with a company with who I started working for in 1990. … Continue reading My Future

A Lucky Asthmatic

For those of you who regularly read this blog, follow me on Twitter, Facebook or even know me will know I often like to have a rant or a moan about my asthma. I will rant about hospital care, useless doctors, NHS cutbacks, my health, the impact that asthma has on my life and my … Continue reading A Lucky Asthmatic

Nellie is back and I need to get things off my chest!

I  have managed a few days at work this week as part of a phased return following a lengthy absence as a result of a bad asthma attack back in January, I was hoping that things were going pretty well abart from my blood sugar levels which are ridiculously high as a result of the … Continue reading Nellie is back and I need to get things off my chest!

Asthma & Feeling Down

I am no expert on depression and would never try and advise anybody who suffers from it. I am however an expert on my own asthma, I know my condition very well, even my consultant accepts that I know more about my condition than she ever will. I also know how my asthma makes me feel … Continue reading Asthma & Feeling Down