Asthmatic Holiday Update

So I was very nervous during the build up to my holiday and as expected it has proved to be hard work but so far I am enjoying it. The temperature has not dropped below 30 during day light hours and there is little breeze. Night time temperatures are also really high and the mercury … Continue reading Asthmatic Holiday Update

Asthma & Holiday Worries

I have never needed a holiday more or feared one as much as the one that I am due to have this coming week. I have had a pretty rough year so far and a holiday is just what I need. My wife and I both felt that we needed to get away and that … Continue reading Asthma & Holiday Worries

More Asthma Problems

As I had expected, my asthma prevented me from doing anything this weekend. After arriving home from work on Friday evening until setting off for work this morning (Monday) I didn't leave the house once. My breathing was bad all weekend and I didn't get much sleep either. The nebuliser continued to get some hammer … Continue reading More Asthma Problems

Asthma Spoils Another Weekend

I always knew that this bank holiday weekend could cause problems for my asthma but I didn't quite expect everything to conspire against me (and to be more precise my asthma) quite as much as it did. We had planned for weeks to visit the wife's family in the Lake District and it was something … Continue reading Asthma Spoils Another Weekend

Asthma, Hot Weather, Wheezing & A Weekend Away

So the weather continues to cause my lungs a lot of grief, from the cold windy days of a week or so ago, to thunderstorms over the weekend we now have high temperatures. This sudden improvement in the weather has come too quickly and my asthma is struggling to cope. I am still managing to … Continue reading Asthma, Hot Weather, Wheezing & A Weekend Away

Asthma through the Seasons

One of my biggest asthma triggers is the weather. Obviously this can be very frustrating as it doesn't matter how well I look after myself and my asthma I can't control the weather. What I can do though is ensure that if I need to go outside, I am fully prepared, whether that includes a … Continue reading Asthma through the Seasons

My Asthma & The British Weather

I am sure that I am not alone in this but the weather in the U.K. at the moment is causing my lungs all sorts of problems. In the last weeks we have have seen temperatures rise from below zero to the mid twenties and back again, we have had strong winds, hail, sleet and … Continue reading My Asthma & The British Weather