Mondays, Asthma, Xolair, Cracked Ribs, Nose Bleeds, Sleepless Nights and Work

At the moment nearly every morning is proving to be a struggle but at least this morning I was going to be able to have a couple of extra hours in bed due to having an hospital appointment at 9am for my Xolair injections. This meant that instead of having to set my alarm for … Continue reading Mondays, Asthma, Xolair, Cracked Ribs, Nose Bleeds, Sleepless Nights and Work

Disagreeing with the Experts

Following on from my previous post (Feeling sorry for myself), I have done something today that I have always strongly advised against doing and that is going against what the experts say. I strongly believe that you should always tell your medical team if you disagree with what they tell you but ultimately you should … Continue reading Disagreeing with the Experts

Asthma Hints & Tips

In this piece I thought that I would share some of my own personal hints and tips on surviving severe asthma. I'm not going to list the usual stuff that all asthmatics (should) know, things such as having an asthma action plan, wearing a scarf when going out in cold weather and checking your peak … Continue reading Asthma Hints & Tips

A&E Department Guide to Asthma

This is the new official NHS guide for all Accident and Emergency staff when presented with a patient suffering a potentially life threatening asthma attack. Under no circumstances should staff deviate from the below guide, at no stage should they use common sense or listen to the patient. This guide should be followed for at … Continue reading A&E Department Guide to Asthma

Asthma Consultants and Nurses

The relationship between a severe asthmatic and their respiratory team is so important. A patient and their "support" team must understand each other and trust each other. I am very fortunate to have had the same consultant for a number of years and we have a great relationship. We argue about things and the best … Continue reading Asthma Consultants and Nurses

A Lucky Asthmatic

For those of you who regularly read this blog, follow me on Twitter, Facebook or even know me will know I often like to have a rant or a moan about my asthma. I will rant about hospital care, useless doctors, NHS cutbacks, my health, the impact that asthma has on my life and my … Continue reading A Lucky Asthmatic

Hospital Admission – Part 1 – Xolair Injections

So as anybody who reads this blog knows I have had a few issues with side effects following my Xolair injections. During the past year I have had to attend hospital every 4 weeks for Xolair injections, the Xolair does seem to be helping my asthma but unfortunately on 2 occasions I have suffered respiratory … Continue reading Hospital Admission – Part 1 – Xolair Injections

Xolair, the good, the bad and the worry

My asthma has deteriorated a great deal over the last few years and I have tried most tablets and inhalers that are available, some with more success than others. Ultimately though I know that there is no cure and it is all about control. I take my condition very seriously, I try not to allow … Continue reading Xolair, the good, the bad and the worry