Asthma Spoils Another Weekend

I always knew that this bank holiday weekend could cause problems for my asthma but I didn't quite expect everything to conspire against me (and to be more precise my asthma) quite as much as it did. We had planned for weeks to visit the wife's family in the Lake District and it was something … Continue reading Asthma Spoils Another Weekend

Asthma, Xolair, Preds, Scunthorpe United & Holidays

So I have managed to reach May and so far this year I have only had one hospital admission due to an asthma attack (I have also had 1 admission for observation following a Xolair injection). This is a much better record than during previous years and now that we have reached May and the … Continue reading Asthma, Xolair, Preds, Scunthorpe United & Holidays

A Lucky Asthmatic

For those of you who regularly read this blog, follow me on Twitter, Facebook or even know me will know I often like to have a rant or a moan about my asthma. I will rant about hospital care, useless doctors, NHS cutbacks, my health, the impact that asthma has on my life and my … Continue reading A Lucky Asthmatic

Nellie is back and I need to get things off my chest!

I ┬áhave managed a few days at work this week as part of a phased return following a lengthy absence as a result of a bad asthma attack back in January, I was hoping that things were going pretty well abart from my blood sugar levels which are ridiculously high as a result of the … Continue reading Nellie is back and I need to get things off my chest!

Asthma & Feeling Down

I am no expert on depression and would never try and advise anybody who suffers from it. I am however an expert on my own asthma, I know my condition very well, even my consultant accepts that I know more about┬ámy condition than she ever will. I also know how my asthma makes me feel … Continue reading Asthma & Feeling Down

Asthma & Travelling Light

  As a male when leaving the house I only used to take life's necessities out with me, it usually meant taking nothing more than what would fit in my pocket, keys, wallet, phone and loose change, that was about it. As an athmatic I would also take my ventolin inhaler but very little else. … Continue reading Asthma & Travelling Light