Another Asthma Moan

Severe asthma can be very unpredictable. I can go months where I feel fine, I manage to get some sleep, I find that I am able to reduce my prednisolone and I can lead a normal life, when things get really good I even occasionally dare to leave the house without my nebuliser. These good … Continue reading Another Asthma Moan

Xolair & Feeling Sorry For Myself

Just a quick update today. As I write this (on my phone so apologies for typing mistakes) I am sat in hospital feeling pretty down, to be perfectly honest I am feeling sorry for myself which is something that I don't usually do but for some reason today is different. I have had a rough … Continue reading Xolair & Feeling Sorry For Myself

Nellie is back and I need to get things off my chest!

I ┬áhave managed a few days at work this week as part of a phased return following a lengthy absence as a result of a bad asthma attack back in January, I was hoping that things were going pretty well abart from my blood sugar levels which are ridiculously high as a result of the … Continue reading Nellie is back and I need to get things off my chest!