Asthma & Holiday Worries

I have never needed a holiday more or feared one as much as the one that I am due to have this coming week. I have had a pretty rough year so far and a holiday is just what I need. My wife and I both felt that we needed to get away and that … Continue reading Asthma & Holiday Worries

More Asthma Problems

As I had expected, my asthma prevented me from doing anything this weekend. After arriving home from work on Friday evening until setting off for work this morning (Monday) I didn't leave the house once. My breathing was bad all weekend and I didn't get much sleep either. The nebuliser continued to get some hammer … Continue reading More Asthma Problems

Asthma Hints & Tips

In this piece I thought that I would share some of my own personal hints and tips on surviving severe asthma. I'm not going to list the usual stuff that all asthmatics (should) know, things such as having an asthma action plan, wearing a scarf when going out in cold weather and checking your peak … Continue reading Asthma Hints & Tips