Asthma & Holiday Worries

I have never needed a holiday more or feared one as much as the one that I am due to have this coming week. I have had a pretty rough year so far and a holiday is just what I need. My wife and I both felt that we needed to get away and that … Continue reading Asthma & Holiday Worries

More Asthma Problems

As I had expected, my asthma prevented me from doing anything this weekend. After arriving home from work on Friday evening until setting off for work this morning (Monday) I didn't leave the house once. My breathing was bad all weekend and I didn't get much sleep either. The nebuliser continued to get some hammer … Continue reading More Asthma Problems

Crossroads with Xolair & Asthma Treatment 

I feel that I maybe reaching a crossroads as to where my asthma medication goes next. I started having monthly Xolair injections a year ago and we were hopeful that they would help. It took 2 years to get me onto the Xolair as I was borderline when it came to matching the criteria. Xolair … Continue reading Crossroads with Xolair & Asthma Treatment 

Oxygen levels, Peak Flows and Lies

One of the biggest problems that severe asthmatics encounter is  having to convince people that they are unwell and struggling despite sats suggesting otherwise. Even during an asthma attack I have been known to have oxygen levels in the mid 90's yet on the other hand I have also felt fine yet my levels can … Continue reading Oxygen levels, Peak Flows and Lies

Asthma, Xolair, Preds, Scunthorpe United & Holidays

So I have managed to reach May and so far this year I have only had one hospital admission due to an asthma attack (I have also had 1 admission for observation following a Xolair injection). This is a much better record than during previous years and now that we have reached May and the … Continue reading Asthma, Xolair, Preds, Scunthorpe United & Holidays

A&E Department Guide to Asthma

This is the new official NHS guide for all Accident and Emergency staff when presented with a patient suffering a potentially life threatening asthma attack. Under no circumstances should staff deviate from the below guide, at no stage should they use common sense or listen to the patient. This guide should be followed for at … Continue reading A&E Department Guide to Asthma

When to Ring 999

As a severe asthmatic it is not always easy to know when seek medical advice and ring 999. Sometimes it is obvious, sometimes less so. There are always good indicators as to when help is needed, following your asthma action plan is always a good start.                   … Continue reading When to Ring 999