Hospital Admission to Remember!

I have now had too many hospital admissions to remember, obviously most of them are not pleasant experiences but over the years I have had memorable, funny and some scary experiences. I usually try to have a bit of a laugh and a joke with the nurses and as I have got to know them … Continue reading Hospital Admission to Remember!

Crossroads with Xolair & Asthma Treatment 

I feel that I maybe reaching a crossroads as to where my asthma medication goes next. I started having monthly Xolair injections a year ago and we were hopeful that they would help. It took 2 years to get me onto the Xolair as I was borderline when it came to matching the criteria. Xolair … Continue reading Crossroads with Xolair & Asthma Treatment¬†

Disagreeing with the Experts

Following on from my previous post (Feeling sorry for myself), I have done something today that I have always strongly advised against doing and that is going against what the experts say. I strongly believe that you should always tell your medical team if you disagree with what they tell you but ultimately you should … Continue reading Disagreeing with the Experts

Hospital Admission – Part 1 – Xolair Injections

So as anybody who reads this blog knows I have had a few issues with side effects following my Xolair injections. During the past year I have had to attend hospital every 4 weeks for Xolair injections, the Xolair does seem to be helping my asthma but unfortunately on 2 occasions I have suffered respiratory … Continue reading Hospital Admission – Part 1 – Xolair Injections