A Severe Asthmatics Holiday Report (Part 1)

Who needs Trip Advisor when I have my own blog?

Well what a week that was, from previous trips I knew that the resort of Puerto Pollensa was stunning and that our apartments were great. Neither disappointed (apart from one particularly loud and annoying family staying at the same appartments which somewhat destroyed the tranquility of such a beautiful and peaceful place) and so the only real worries were how my asthma would hold up in the higher than average June temperatures which were well into the mid thirties during the day and only dropped a few degrees over night. I knew that the apartments had air conditioning which are a must for me on holiday, I do know that some asthmatics absolutely hate air con but not me, more of this (and the annoying family) will be written about in future blogs.

I have previously written about my concerns and worries building up to the holiday and I also did a brief update a few days into the holiday. Both of these pieces can be found at the links below:

Asthma & Holiday Worries

Asthmatic Holiday Update

However, now that my holiday is over I have decided to write in a little more detail about the week away. I intend to do this over a number of different pieces of which this is the first. This piece concentrates on the build up and a flight out to Mallorca.

We were due to fly out just after 7am on the Monday morning and so we drove to the airport (East Midlands) the day before and stayed overnight at Jurys Inn which is right next to the airport. We had a lovely meal at the hotel, followed by a couple of pints before having an early night. Our room was really nice, fully air conditioned, spotlessly clean, a nice television, comfortable bed and a good clean bathroom. I got some sleep but not a lot due to my asthma and before we knew it, it was time to get up, as per usual first thing in the morning I felt terrible, I had the daily (non productive) coughing fit and to be perfectly honest I felt as rough as hell. I managed to calm myself down, had a shower, got dressed and managed to stomach my cocktail of meds.
We checked out of the hotel and made the 5 minute walk to the airport. The airport was red hot  and it did effect my breathing and my salbutamol inhaler was called upon a couple of times. There were long queues at check in and security but both queues moved pretty quickly.

My hand luggage contained 2 basic things, medication and my electronic gadgets. This completely filled my hand luggage and I always worry about getting through airport security, not that the iPad and other gadgets are the problem. I always make sure that I carry enough medication to cover the whole week plus and extra few days just incase anything goes wrong. I also pack 2 of every inhaler for exactly the same reason. Since my asthma had been so erratic over the last few months I wasn’t going to take any risks and also took 2 portable nebulisers with me just in case, I felt that this was vital as I couldn’t see me coping for a full week with my neb and if one was to break I would be in real trouble. This may seem a little excessive but I wasn’t going to take any risks. My pills were loaded into my travel pill box (it is actually a fishing tackle box with enough compartments to fit all of the different pills). This box was placed along with my inhalers, insulin pens, needles, glucose monitor, pocket sharps bin, gluco juice and nebules inside a clear plastic case (similar to a toiletry bag) and placed inside my hand luggage. I did this so that it could be removed easily from my hand luggage and put in a separate tray at security. I also carried with me a full list of my medication and what each item was for. I have never really had any major issues getting through security but there is always a guest time. When I reached airport security I advised the staff about the medication and they just had a quick glance and commented about the quantity but apart from that I got through ok. Other things that I had in my hand luggage included a small portable fan, peak flow meter, pulse oximeter, my spacer (for my inhaler) plus my usual gadgets such as my iPad, my kindle, headphones and chargers.


The aeroplane and flight itself started with new struggling to breathe and the salbutamol was called upon again until the air con kicked in and my breathing improved. The rest of the flight passed pretty quickly and without any problems as I watched a couple of things on my iPad that I had down loaded. The flight had worried me but I was hopeful that as it was only going to be just over 2 hours that I would be able to cope. I regularly used to holiday in Las Vegas but the thought of a long haul flight and all that time spent in a stuffy environment and ‘strange atmospheric conditions’ does not really appeal at the moment.


We arrived at Palma airport just a few minutes late, but as soon as I left the plain I felt the heat hit me, or more precisely it hit my lungs. Once again my salbutamol inhaler helped and it wasn’t too long before we got through immigration / passport control and we managed to pick up our suitcases. We then found our way to our transfer coach and headed off to resort. The transfer took about 90 minutes and we were the last drop off. The coach was air conditioned and I managed ok. We finally reached our apartments early afternoon and armed with my sun hat, factor 30 sun tan lotion and my inhaler the holiday could really begin!

If anybody needs to book a hotel at East Midlands Airport I would strongly recommend staying at Jurys Inn, holiday car parking is available, the prices are very reasonable, staff friendly and helpful, there is a nice bar and restaurant and as already mentioned the location is superb as are the rooms which are air conditioned. The building is only 2 stories with many bedrooms on the ground floor.

Jurys Inn




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