Prednisolone – the root of all evil

Prednisolone, I can't live with it and I can't live without it. Every time that I have a medical problem my GP always says that my Prednisolone is to blame. I reckon that I could get hit by a car and break both of my legs and my GP would blame the Pred! So what … Continue reading Prednisolone – the root of all evil

Asthma Spoils Another Weekend

I always knew that this bank holiday weekend could cause problems for my asthma but I didn't quite expect everything to conspire against me (and to be more precise my asthma) quite as much as it did. We had planned for weeks to visit the wife's family in the Lake District and it was something … Continue reading Asthma Spoils Another Weekend

Asthma and Work

As a severe asthmatic I consider myself quite fortunate in the fact that I still manage to work full time. Many severe asthmatics have had pack work in due to their condition while others have lost their job as a result of poor attendance due to their asthma. I myself have had issues over the … Continue reading Asthma and Work

Asthma, Hot Weather, Wheezing & A Weekend Away

So the weather continues to cause my lungs a lot of grief, from the cold windy days of a week or so ago, to thunderstorms over the weekend we now have high temperatures. This sudden improvement in the weather has come too quickly and my asthma is struggling to cope. I am still managing to … Continue reading Asthma, Hot Weather, Wheezing & A Weekend Away

Crossroads with Xolair & Asthma Treatment 

I feel that I maybe reaching a crossroads as to where my asthma medication goes next. I started having monthly Xolair injections a year ago and we were hopeful that they would help. It took 2 years to get me onto the Xolair as I was borderline when it came to matching the criteria. Xolair … Continue reading Crossroads with Xolair & Asthma Treatment¬†

10 Asthma Myths, Lies & Truths

Let's be honest, those of us who suffer from asthma and in particular severe asthma all receive lots of advice and information, some of it is occasionally correct and useful but much of it (in my opinion) is nothing more than myths and lies. Here are some of the things that I often hear and … Continue reading 10 Asthma Myths, Lies & Truths

Asthma through the Seasons

One of my biggest asthma triggers is the weather. Obviously this can be very frustrating as it doesn't matter how well I look after myself and my asthma I can't control the weather. What I can do though is ensure that if I need to go outside, I am fully prepared, whether that includes a … Continue reading Asthma through the Seasons

A Better Day

I am currently going through a bumpy patch with my asthma, fortunately I am not having any major attacks and the couple of chest infections that I have had since my last hospital admission in January have been fairly mild. So my asthma is not particularly severe at the moment it is pretty badly controlled, … Continue reading A Better Day

Disagreeing with the Experts

Following on from my previous post (Feeling sorry for myself), I have done something today that I have always strongly advised against doing and that is going against what the experts say. I strongly believe that you should always tell your medical team if you disagree with what they tell you but ultimately you should … Continue reading Disagreeing with the Experts

Xolair & Feeling Sorry For Myself

Just a quick update today. As I write this (on my phone so apologies for typing mistakes) I am sat in hospital feeling pretty down, to be perfectly honest I am feeling sorry for myself which is something that I don't usually do but for some reason today is different. I have had a rough … Continue reading Xolair & Feeling Sorry For Myself