Nebulisers – Yes or No

One subject that I often discuss on this blog or on social media is that of nebulisers. Many consultants and doctors will not prescribe nebules for them and claim that the patient does not need one. Those who are against home nebulisers will usually give 2 main reasons why people should not use nebulisers at … Continue reading Nebulisers – Yes or No

My Asthma & The British Weather

I am sure that I am not alone in this but the weather in the U.K. at the moment is causing my lungs all sorts of problems. In the last weeks we have have seen temperatures rise from below zero to the mid twenties and back again, we have had strong winds, hail, sleet and … Continue reading My Asthma & The British Weather

Controlling the Controllables

I often hear comments such as "you just be really scared when you are having an asthma attack" or others once they realise how severe my asthma is ask me if I am either worried about having my next attack, or whether asthma will eventually kill me. The truth is no, this isn't me lying … Continue reading Controlling the Controllables

Asthma v Diabetes

I am often asked what is worse asthma or diabetes? Let's be honest neither are great and obviously every person will suffer different symptoms and different severity, both conditions can be well controlled or badly controlled. Whenever I am talking about my health I will always say that I am asthmatic rather than diabetic even … Continue reading Asthma v Diabetes

I Need my Inhaler, Now!

Following my recent rants I thought that it was time for something a little more light hearted and so I thought that I would describe my last hospital admission to the tune of "In the Army Now" by Status Quo. The original version of the video and song by Status Quo can be watched at … Continue reading I Need my Inhaler, Now!

Headaches, Black Eyes & Sleepless Nights!

Today's blog update is nothing more than a rant, for those of you who can't be doing with reading about me moaning and complaining please look away now. I am fed up, I am shattered, suffering from constant headaches and I am fed up of having 2 black eyes which make me look as though … Continue reading Headaches, Black Eyes & Sleepless Nights!

Asthma Relapse

This weekend pretty much sums up why I hate asthma. In the last piece that I wrote I described how I had enjoyed my Good Friday seeing the mighty Scunthorpe United win at Milton Keynes. This was the first time this calendar year that I had felt well enough to travel to a distance away … Continue reading Asthma Relapse

My Life with Asthma

For those of you who know me or regularly read this blog you will know that asthma is a major part of my life, but it doesn't completely rule my life. Yes the asthma means that I have had to make many changes to my life, most of which I don't like but despite this … Continue reading My Life with Asthma

My Asthma Update

It is now 3 months since my last hospital admission following an asthma attack. During the winter months for me to go 3 months without an admission is a massive improvement compared to previous years. Over the last 5 years on average I have had 3 admissions per winter so I am quite happy that … Continue reading My Asthma Update

My First Asthma Attack

I remember my first asthma attack pretty well. I was 16 or 17 years old and was sat eating my evening meal with my parents. I suddenly felt a tightness in my chest, I started wheezing pretty badly (which is pretty ironic considering that I rarely wheeze now) and was short of breath. My parents … Continue reading My First Asthma Attack