Another bad week with Asthma

Another week has come and gone and once again my asthma has caused me problems. I started the week feeling a little bit down following the review with my asthma consultant the previous week in which she had told me that she felt my asthma was becoming more brittle and unstable. She also told me … Continue reading Another bad week with Asthma

Has my Asthma finally defeated me?

After suffering with asthma for 30 years, dozens of hospital admissions and what seems like hundreds of different types of medication it would appear that my asthma has finally defeated me. Last week I finally had my long awaited appointment with my respiratory consultant and I was told that in her opinion my asthma has … Continue reading Has my Asthma finally defeated me?

A Severe Asthmatics Holiday Report (Part 2)

This is the final part of my report of my recent holiday to Puerto Pollensa in Mallorca. The first part of my report and other blogs about my holiday can found at the links below: Asthma & Holiday Worries Asthmatic Holiday Update A Severe Asthmatics Holiday Report (Part 1) I don't intend to write a … Continue reading A Severe Asthmatics Holiday Report (Part 2)

A Severe Asthmatics Holiday Report (Part 1)

Who needs Trip Advisor when I have my own blog? Well what a week that was, from previous trips I knew that the resort of Puerto Pollensa was stunning and that our apartments were great. Neither disappointed (apart from one particularly loud and annoying family staying at the same appartments which somewhat destroyed the tranquility of … Continue reading A Severe Asthmatics Holiday Report (Part 1)

Asthmatic Holiday Update

So I was very nervous during the build up to my holiday and as expected it has proved to be hard work but so far I am enjoying it. The temperature has not dropped below 30 during day light hours and there is little breeze. Night time temperatures are also really high and the mercury … Continue reading Asthmatic Holiday Update

Asthma & Holiday Worries

I have never needed a holiday more or feared one as much as the one that I am due to have this coming week. I have had a pretty rough year so far and a holiday is just what I need. My wife and I both felt that we needed to get away and that … Continue reading Asthma & Holiday Worries

Mondays, Asthma, Xolair, Cracked Ribs, Nose Bleeds, Sleepless Nights and Work

At the moment nearly every morning is proving to be a struggle but at least this morning I was going to be able to have a couple of extra hours in bed due to having an hospital appointment at 9am for my Xolair injections. This meant that instead of having to set my alarm for … Continue reading Mondays, Asthma, Xolair, Cracked Ribs, Nose Bleeds, Sleepless Nights and Work

Respiratory Consultant – Missing in Action!

Missing Person Has anyone seen my respiratory consultant, I am becoming concerned for here well being, there have been no sightings of her for months! I was discharged from my last hospital admission at the end of January and as per usual I was given an appointment to see my consultant as an outpatient to see how … Continue reading Respiratory Consultant – Missing in Action!

Just Breathe……..

This is an excellent and informative piece written by a Brittle Asthmatic called Lynn, you can also visit her blog at

Easy... wheezy.... breathyyyyy


As you know I have Brittle Asthma.  I was diagnosed after a very severe case of Mycoplasma Pneumonia in 2012, whilst spending nearly 3 months (thank you again to all the staff at West Middlesex Hospital) treating the infection & getting the Asthma under control.

What is Brittle Asthma I hear you scream… or maybe roll your eyes & go its just Asthma dude… thousands …nay millions have it.  Well my friend, you are a little wrong….

Brittle asthma is a type of asthma distinguishable from other forms by recurrent, severe attacks. Brittle asthma is one of the “unstable” subtypes of “difficult asthma”, a term used to characterize the less than 5% of asthma cases that do not respond to maximal inhaled treatment.

Sounds pretty awesome so far right???? no??? we are just getting started in what this crazy form of Asthma is. So within this rare form, we have 2 sub-types…

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Hospital Admission to Remember!

I have now had too many hospital admissions to remember, obviously most of them are not pleasant experiences but over the years I have had memorable, funny and some scary experiences. I usually try to have a bit of a laugh and a joke with the nurses and as I have got to know them … Continue reading Hospital Admission to Remember!